Copies of As A March Hare will be spontaneously bartered in exchange for particularly brilliant cultural heresies and for random acts of global kindness that are both wildly imaginative, actively embodied and seed the kind of whole, healed, holy Earth our children’s children deserve. Acts of global kindness can be as simply difficult as a commitment to live within your ecological / carbon footprint for a year, or as crazy as Noah’sArk.

 Some current favourite cultural heresies:

  1. Mandatory, universal male contraception which would restore critical agency to women, make pregnancy a conscious choice rather than a default position, and radically limit population growth.
  2. Ecocracy: governance which includes the whole biosphere in its processes. Who speaks for the trees?
  3. Everyone, plumbers and brain surgeons alike, does vocational training. Why not parents and politicians? Why do we so diminish work as skilled, as gruelling and as crucial as bringing up children by assuming any fool can do it? Same goes for politicians. 
  4. Ecological footprinting as a primary yardstick for all human activities.
  5. Outlawing all hazardous substances.   
  6. Earthism – crimes against the biosphere, all sentient beings and the future – as validated in law as racism, sexism or any other fundamentalism.    

The barter component of As A March Hare will no longer be a competition with a deadline (even if it is the solstice) for entries. It will instead seek to embody the concept of aholon: opposing forces working together for mutual benefit; a dance of individuality and commonwealth, simultaneously an autonomous whole and an interdependent part; infinite mutual causality and interrelationship. Mistakes are simply recycled into other forms.

The process will be overseen by the Dendricity of Ratbags (new nominations welcome).

Entries via blog, mail or email. Entries will be displayed on the blog.


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