One response to “spring

  1. Of all the cultural heresies you propose, the ones I resonate with most strongly are:
    1. Mandatory, universal male contraception which would restore critical agency to women, make pregnancy a conscious choice rather than a default position, and radically limit population growth.
    2. Ecocracy: governance which includes the whole biosphere in its processes. Who speaks for the trees?
    3. Everyone, plumbers and brain surgeons alike, does vocational training. Why not parents and politicians? Why do we so diminish work as skilled, as gruelling and as crucial as bringing up children by assuming any fool can do it? Same goes for politicians.
    4. Ecological footprinting as a primary yardstick for all human activities.
    5. Outlawing all hazardous substances.
    6. Earthism – crimes against the biosphere, all sentient beings and the future – as validated in law as racism, sexism or any other fundamentalism.

    Actually I couldn’t make a choice. They are all very significant and heretical but eminently reasonable. Rational, compassionate governance is lacking in every institution but I think it is a highly significant act to imagine Ecocracy, to aspire to it. I often thought that when people prayed for peace it was a waste of time but then I realised that if they/we stopped, so would the aspiration. Then we’d be truly sunk. And the prayer or vision gives us a basis for planning and wholesome action. Without a vision, the people perish.

    I have also always though that people aspiring to be parents ought to train in it, a B. Parenting (Hons) makes great sense especially when you see how children are treated, not in the extreme circumstances of abuse but in the daily circumstances, on the bus, in shopping centres, at school. The first three years of the degree must involve opportunities for the personal healing of the prospective parents’ hurts so that their approach to parenting, if they should decide to go ahead with it at all, has clarity, flexibility, understanding and so on. I had never thought of politicians but I think I prefer a world of small, self governing groups based in consensus decision making with the fundamental principal of looking after everyone’s interests which necessarily involves ecocracy.

    Personally, what frightens me, frustrates me, causes me the most amount of despair is the way in which our lives have become bureaucratised. But this is not separate form the militarisation of our lives along with the consumerisation (is that a word?) of our lives.

    Something to barter? A thought from Wendall Berry which has the potential to become a spiritual practice: Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.
    – Happy rest of Spring, Thích Thông Pháp

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