Car Cull

Car Cull

13th February 2014

Dear gentleperson

“The open sewers of the car-cult”: what a brilliant phrase (Worship on 4 wheels, 31 January). All that glamour, sexiness, speed, convenience and comfort are indeed a lie. Cars don’t just drive oil wars and climate change, they foul air, water and soil at all stages of their parasitical life / death-cycle. They’re the apotheosis of privatised, noxious, armoured living; a hegemony that reduces our cities to noisome rat-runs. Cars prey on the vulnerable – the young, the elderly, the disabled, the poor, pedestrians and cyclists; turn a third of urban land into a tarmac eyesore; and trump community, displacing us from our neighbourhoods which become murderous thoroughfares for other people’s busyness.

Cars aren’t just cult. Since it seems we’re unable to give up a habit that is irrevocably harming the biosphere on which our own wellbeing depends, they’re also addiction.

Is being forced to inhale car excrement as harmful, as much an infringement of human rights, as passive smoking?

Can one be a car-atheist?

In Australia, cars kill more than 1000 people a year, and upwards of 4 million native animals. Yet whenever there’s a fatal shark or crocodile attack – 3 or 4 annually – we start hysterically and randomly culling sharks and crocodiles.

Wake up. Go sane. Cull cars instead, beginning with our own.

Peace be rampantly with you

Annie March



2 responses to “Car Cull

  1. Could not agree more Annie

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