Guardian Weekly


5th September 2014

Dear gentleperson

Like Stuart Heritage (Welcome to Nap Club, 29 August), I’m dedicated to siestas, and organise my days around an hour’s rest at noon, and a 20 minute endocrine recharge before tea. The odd one out in a family with boundless energy and nerves of steel, I can’t remember ever not being more or less tired. I’d always grudged, resisted, felt guilty about resting, until an epiphany during a conversation with an ex-athlete crippled by chronic fatigue. We were shocked by the realisation that in heroically, habitually forcing ourselves to override tiredness and instinctual wisdom, we were in fact enacting on our bodies the selfsame abuse that humankind is inflicting on the planet; and that entrenched in our psyches was a template not just of violation and power misused, hence of fundamentalism, but of the body-mind dualism that so corrupts our religious traditions. Can our bodies, can earth forgive us?

Resting is now an act of moral, political, ecological, spiritual, creative defiance and sanity.

The deep peace of the office hammock be with you all.

Annie March

Published: Letters- Guardian Weekly


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