stellar peace?

Reply, Guardian Weekly, December 28th 2015

Dear gentleperson – I agree with Matthew d’Ancona that myth is crucial to humankind (Every era needs its myth cycle and Star Wars is ours, as captivating in its imagery as Homer retold around the campfires). The vast omission, not just from his article but from virtually all myths and scriptures, is women. So this otherwise vivid and excellent piece of writing in fact aborts half the story, and reinforces a toxic cultural paradigm in which 51 per cent of the human race are invisible, ancillary or victims.

The litany of threats to our survival as a species – climate change, ecological destruction, fundamentalist economics, rabid consumption, over-population, war – arises largely from an overweeningly patriarchal narrative. What we desperately need are new myths and visions in which women, the biosphere with its 8 billion non-human species, and men, are co-valent.

Star Wars is for the dinosaurs. How might we gestate fierce, loving, radical, stellar peace?
Annie March

Published January 2016


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