As A March Hare” is a collection of eloquent, eccentric and deeply personal essays on ecological and social justice, creativity, metaphysics, madness, place and death.

Annie March is a Taswomanian wordwright, teacher, gardener and apprentice crone with a passion for social and ecological justice and inner space.

design & illustrations
Nadine Kessler
is an artist and graphic designer with a passion for community, language and the environment. She has cycled the planet on her pushbike, learning from different cultures, which goes on to inform her works. Before moving to Tasmania, Nadine also lived for three years in Central Australia working with indigenous communities as resource developer. Since then she has been lecturing at the University of Art in Hobart and is running a freelance graphic design studio with a focus on community organisations based in  Hobart, Tasmania.



Kate Fielding is a writer, historian, community cultural development worker
and occasional hairdresser. She is a fan of high heels, high play, solitude,
intercultural spaces and candles lit in dark places.

Ben Fox and Kate Fielding on a Jogjakarta rooftop <>

“My name is Sassafras, native Bavarian and at home in many places. The core
question of my life so far has been ‘Where?’ I am fascinated by inner and
outer space, between which I move swiftly. I lead a busy and joyful life and
yet – in the the midst of all that activity I most treasure the interior
voyage. I frequently follow my need for solitude – for ‘uzlah’ as the Sufis
call it, a disengagement from social life in search of God.”

As a child, Rosie enjoyed lying over the edge of the couch an imagining life upside down. A bit older, she still likes to notice the little things, and revels in daydreaming about possibilities for herself and the world. At the moment, her days and nights are spent as a midwife, roller skating, exploring central australia and making nice things.


2 responses to “Bios

  1. Annie, I’ve followed your posts in The Guardian Weekly for years, finding them apt and elegant. When I saw your most recent one, I knew I had to write and tell you so.

    As winter looms, I look forward to delving more into your work.

    All the best,
    Peri Phillips McQuay

  2. Thanks for writing an amazing book Annie! This blog looks great! Keep shaking the trees.


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