Sara had just cut my hair. Rosie Grace joined the action.

Every twentieth copy of As A March Hare (twenty-five in the initial print-run of five hundred) will be bartered in exchange for an imaginative act of radical planetary kindness congruent with the whole, healed, holy Earth you’d like to bequeath to future generations. Entries will be judged by a planet-wide panel – a Dendricity of Ratbags*. The winners will be notified personally. The judges’ decision is final. Lively debate welcome.

Closing date:  Summer solstice – December 2011
Entries will be displayed on the blog.

Entries via blog or post:
PO Box 3032, West Hobart, Taswomania 7000, Australia

*Dendricity of Ratbags

Dendricity: an evolving, leaping multiplicity of inter-branchings, inter-twiggings and pleachings as in the way trees, rivers, veins, nerves and crystals grow, and women communicate with each other.

Ratbag: an accolade conferred on anyone committed to the impossible, inevitable work of creatively, steadfastly, peaceably white-anting an ecocidal, economically fundamentalist culture, and who holds a vision of an Earth where clean air, water and soil are the perpetual, inalienable right of all species; where economics and technology are sub-sets of ecology; and power has evolved beyond corrupting dominance into interdependence, eleutheros and trust.


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