“As A March Hare” – the book!


As A March Hare: dances of personal and cultural transformation

Copyright © 2011 text:  Annie March
Illustrations © 2011 Nadine Kessler
Publisher: Ralph Wessman, Walleah Press

500 sequential words, accurately quoted and footnoted, may be used without permission. For longer citations, please apply in writing to the copyright holders.

ISBN 978 1 877010 15 6

Rowan Harris, actor and Louisa d’Arville reading at Kingston Beach, Tasmania


RRP: $A 29.95

Blackgum Distribution Services Tasmania. Trade enquiries welcome. 0419 970 400 Andrew Hopwood <andrew@blackgum.com.au>

Vive La Bookshop A querencia is a place of homing, refuge and respite, the segment of a bull-ring where the bull is temporarily safe. Bookshops are one of my querencias. The sheer multi-sensory pleasure of browsing in these treasure-houses of possibility may soon be made extinct by internet book-selling. Please consider ordering As A March Hare from your local bookshop (good for book-sellers and distributors), or direct from the author (good for me because then I don’t lose 60% to middle-persons).

March hare’s price: negotiable + postage. Signed copies available. PO Box 3032, West Hobart, Tasmania 7000.  march_harily@hotmail.com


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